Resolution 240548

Recognizing May 2024 as Building Safety Month in the City of Philadelphia.

May 30, 2024 - CITY COUNCIL
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Recognizing May 2024 as Building Safety Month in the City of Philadelphia.
WHEREAS, 2024 marks the 44th year of Building Safety Month with the theme “Mission Possible” encouraging people to become building safety experts and to advocate for safety in our communities
WHEREAS, Building Safety Month is an international campaign started by the International Code Council that takes place during the month of May every year to raise awareness about building safety; and
WHEREAS, The International Code Council aims to educate individuals, families and businesses on what it takes to create safe and sustainable structures, reinforce the need for the adoption of modernized and regularly updated safety codes, and highlight the well-trained professionals who work year-round to ensure our safety; and
WHEREAS, Building Safety Month provides an opportunity to educate the public, professionals, and policymakers about the essential work of construction workers and construction safety inspectors, and the impact of their efforts on community safety and
resilience; and
WHEREAS, Confidence in the resilience of these buildings that make up our community is achieved through the work of building safety and fire prevention officials, architects, engineers, builders, tradespeople, design professionals, laborers, plumbers and others working tirelessly in the construction industry; and
WHEREAS, Building safety professionals are an essential piece in the building and construction operation and are engaged in whole process from the initial building plan to the finished product; and
WHEREAS, Building safety professionals are the silent defenders of public safety providing guidance and advice to architects, engineers, contractors who bring building projects to life while ensuring safety for occupants and residents; and
WHEREAS, Building safety professionals aid in preventing accidents and ensure that all workers and the job site are in compliance with all relevant health and safety regulations; and
WHEREAS, Construction safety professionals help keep our existing buildings safe by conducting routine inspections and adopting the latest building codes; and
WHEREAS, Building codes are the best way of protecting our City’s homes, offices, schools, manufacturing facilities, stores, and entertainment venues; and
WHEREAS, All communities need building codes to protect residents and occupants from disasters like fires, weather-related events and structural collapse; and
WHEREAS, National recognition of construction safety inspectors during Building Safety Month underscores the critical role they play in upholding safety and health regulations,
thereby fostering a culture of safety; and
WHEREAS, Recognizing the significant contributions of construction workers can enhance public appreciation for their efforts and encourage ongoing commitment to safety standards in the construction industry; and
WHEREAS, In observance of Building Safety Month 2024 we are asked to consider the commitment to improving building safety and resilience and to acknowledge the essential service being provided by local and state building departments, fire prevention bureaus and federal agencies in protecting lives; and
WHEREAS, We come together to celebrate Building Safety Month because we understand the crucial role that building professionals play in our communities and we know the importance of safe and sustainable structures where we live, work, and play; now, therefore, be it
RESOLVED, BY THE COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF PHILADELPHIA, That the month of May 2024 be recognized as Building Safety Month in the City of Philadelphia as we honor the building safety professionals who work tirelessly to keep our buildings and communities safe.